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Beauty on the go

A 15 minute service that starts on dry hair for a blowout finish in half the time. Geored to the woman on the go. 

Beautiful girl with long wavy hair .  fa



Classic Blowout- A bit of volume and a bit of curl, a classic route to get a sexy shiny, glamorous look.

Hair volume.  Portrait of beautiful Blon


Big glamorous barrel curl. For that extra bouce in your step.


Beautiful woman with long brunette smoot

New York City

Sleek&Straight- A sleek and straight look, elegant and alluring yet simple and sophisticated.


Customized service on your wedding day.

We've worked with a great number of bridal parties over the last 15 years, 

Take a look at our                   for recent weddings then get in touch for an informel chat about what we can do for you. Booking taken range from just hair or make up for bride to full bridal parties. Mother of bride, bridesmaids, guests etc an assistant can also be booked for the whole day.

Bride look beauty young caucasian styled
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